Upgrading bathroom fixtures and appliances is a quick way to refresh the look of your bathroom without doing a full remodel. These upgrades also work to increase your home value if you decide to sell.

Bathrooms are notoriously humid, which can make metal fixtures susceptible to rusting. This can also cause leaking and other issues that require immediate attention.

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bathroom fixtureNew Faucets and Knobs

If your bathroom faucets and knobs look more like the aftermath of a demolition derby than an elegant addition to your home’s decor, it’s time to swap them out. The good news is that these fixtures are relatively inexpensive, so you can change the appearance without blowing your entire remodeling budget on one room.

Stylish faucet finishes are popular in many modern bathrooms, and you can choose from a wide variety of styles to complement your home’s design. Brushed nickel, for example, is ideal for a contemporary look, while oil-rubbed bronze lends an elegant, traditional feel to any space. You’ll also find plenty of choices for showerheads, including those with waterfall designs that add a soothing ambiance to your bathing experience.

A dripping faucet isn’t just an inconvenience; it can waste water and lead to higher utility bills. If you’ve tried to fix the issue by replacing washers or other parts and it still won’t stop, it may be time to replace your faucet altogether.

Energy efficiency is a growing concern for homeowners, and your bathroom is no exception. Swapping out your old, inefficient showerhead or toilet for a more efficient model can save you significant amounts of money on your energy and water bills over time. Look for models that are certified to ensure you’re getting the best value from your new fixture.

Upgrading your bathroom fixtures may seem expensive at first, but you’ll recoup the costs of these upgrades when it comes time to sell your home. A more luxurious-looking kitchen and bathroom will appeal to buyers and may help you get the price you want for your home.

Upgrading your bathroom may also be necessary to meet your specific needs, such as if you’re losing mobility and need to upgrade to a walk-in tub or higher toilet. A skilled plumber can guide you through the process of making these upgrades and ensuring that your new fixtures will work well with your existing plumbing. They may even be able to suggest additional modifications that will make your bathroom safer and more accessible for future homeowners, as well.

New Toilets

Many homeowners who are re-doing their bathrooms are ripping out their old tub-shower combos in favor of luxurious, walk-in showers. This trend is also good for the environment because it allows for more efficient use of water.

Replacing your toilet with a newer model is another great way to reduce your home’s energy usage and help the environment. The programs offer a variety of bathroom toilets that are both energy-efficient and high-performing.

When shopping for new toilets, make sure you find the right size to fit your space. They come in one-piece and two-piece variations, as well as in different heights. Also, consider features like a skirted trapway that eliminates bends and grooves that collect dirt.

Other sustainable upgrades to the bathroom include installing motion sensors for lights, taking shorter showers, using only cold water when washing and brushing teeth, and unplugging appliances such as curlers and straighteners as soon as they’re done. All of these easy changes can add up to big savings on your energy and water bills.

New Showerheads

Whether your shower head is clogged with buildup or simply out of style, replacing it with a high-efficiency model is a simple upgrade that can boost your bathroom’s comfort and your home’s energy efficiency. A single leaking fixture can waste as much as 200 gallons of water per month.

Aside from boosting your bathroom’s function, new showerheads can also add a design element. There are a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, including chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, and matte black. You can even opt for a bar-mount showerhead, which is ideal for multi-user households because it allows you to slide the head up and down along the shower bar to accommodate different heights.

While you’re shopping for a new showerhead, consider the style of your bathroom and its other fixtures. “Make sure the finish you choose coordinates with your other bathroom hardware, such as faucet knobs and handles,” advises an expert. For example, you should avoid using matte black in a room with brass fixtures. “But if you want to mix metals, that’s fine,” she says.

Another factor to consider is the showerhead’s nozzle size. The larger the nozzle, the more powerful the spray. If you prefer a gentler flow, choose a smaller nozzle.

Additionally, you should always look for top-rated models. These are certified to save energy and water while performing as well as or better than traditional products.

Finally, if you can afford it, a luxury showerhead can turn a mundane bathroom into a spa-like experience. Popular luxury fixtures include rainfall shower heads, jetted bathtubs, and bidets.

Rainfall shower heads mimic the feeling of gentle rain and add an air of luxury to any bathroom. Jetted tubs provide a relaxing massage and help relieve sore muscles, while bidets offer an eco-friendly and hygienic alternative to toilet paper. Touchless faucets reduce germs and make it easy to wash dishes, shower, and bathe without touching the handle. These upgrades can increase relaxation, improve your bathroom’s function, and boost your home’s resale value.

New Sinks

We’ve all strolled through a home improvement store and seen the myriad of bathroom sink options available. There are so many things to think about when selecting the perfect sink for your bathroom, from aesthetics to how easy it will be to keep clean, whether you’re looking to add resale value or energy savings, and more. Ultimately, you’ll want to talk with an experienced bathroom remodeler who can guide you through all of the possibilities and help you decide what will work best for your space and needs.

If your bathroom fixtures are starting to look worn out, it’s probably time for an upgrade. You should never be able to see rusting hardware through a gap in the countertop and your faucet shouldn’t require the strength of Superman to keep it from dripping or running constantly. You may also be interested in upgrading to a double sink if your current space is cramped. It’s important to consult with a plumber when making this type of change, as it can involve changing the location of plumbing pipes and fixtures in the room.

In addition to being a great way to improve the look of your bathroom, installing new sinks can add luxury to your home and reduce your water bills. Installing a tankless water heater can also save you money on energy costs and provide endless hot water for your family’s needs without the need to constantly heat and reheat the water as traditional tanks do.

Whether you’re interested in adding luxury to your home or simply updating the fixtures that you use every day, there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom feel brand new. With a little planning and the right contractor by your side, you can make your bathroom the relaxing retreat it deserves to be.